I was born and raised here in south Louisiana, and simply Love the area, the people, the food, our culture, and our Bon Vie(our good life)! I started my photo business in 1985, but I have enjoyed photography ever since grade school. Back "in the day", cameras were only allowed at school for holidays or the last day of the school to photograph friends, favorite teachers, and the "Oops" photos of the green grass at someone's feet. Some of my fondest memories are brought back to me by those old photos.

As I grew older to middle school, I was given the responsibility of being the family photographer. Not a single Christmas went by without me being allowed to put that "magic flash cube" on top of the Kodak 126 camera and then "snap" the photo of the most beautiful Christmas tree in my whole neighborhood (possibly the world) was captured on film! We all know how wonderful and special snow is for us here in south Louisiana. I remember at the age of 12, we had what seemed like a blizzard here(compare to folks up north) , a snow fall of at least 4 inches! My first thought was : "Hey, mom, we need more Film!"

Anyway, from middle school to high school and then onto college, photography has always been my passion , my friend , and my profession in life!

A lot has changed in photography over the past 40 years, but not in my passion and love of photography! A moment frozen in time, forever, to be enjoyed. I feel I had a small part in giving this pleasure to my customers. And as for me, after all these years as a professional photographer, I still enjoy photographing friends, family, favorite teachers, and the occasional "Oops" photos of green grass at someone's feet!